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B&B ‘t Beschilderde Huis (The painted House)

‘t Beschilderde Huis is Dutch for B&B ‘The Painted House’, because Jo is an artist and has beautifully painted floors and the house ‘breathes her work’ . Nextdoor  to the old villageschool in Altena, it isn’t far from Groningen and near Roden, Peize and Norg. You are welcome to come and stay to enjoy a puppetshow or have your portret made by Johanneke. The surroundings are ideal for people who like peace and quiet or  going  for walks and cycle rides in the country.


There is plenty of room for privacy on the ground floor, a big garden and there are four rooms upstairs. Ine the evenings or during the day you can make your own tea or coffee in the lounge where breakfast is served  in the morning between 7seven and ten.


Johanneke (Jo) grew up in England. English (conversation) classes can be booked on request. Dutch lessons are also an option. Being an artist and puppeteer, these lessons are never boring. 

It is an adventure to stay with Johanneke, because Rosy, Humpty Dumpty, Cow, Elephant, Chicken, Frog, Stork, Pinky eared Mouse and the Giraffe live here too. You are welcome with your family, the two of you, on your own or in a group.  Jo teaches English in schools, using her puppets. She loves IPC (Improvising, People and Children).

Dickery Dop

Dickery Dop



Double €65,- per night

Sigle €41,- per night

For reservations: +31(0)622026431 or link below

Cost shows and artistic commissions in consultation